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Now Here's An Advertising Campaign That Solves The Problem Carpet Cleaning Companies Have With High Gas Prices and High Wages

You can hand pick the best neighborhoods
and book all your cleaning jobs in one zip code.


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"John Braun is quickly becoming "the" ad man in the carpet cleaning industry.."

Howard Partridge

Date: 10-11-12
From: John Braun--Ad Hitman

If you know how to put mail in a mailbox, you'll find this system simple.

It was 2005.  I had a problem.  Gas prices almost doubled.  Labor was skyrocketing. I was worried I'd be soon spending half my profits on fuel and labor.


I like to get advertising to solve my problems.   So I brainstormed.  I thought, "How can I get advertising to help me out of this crisis."  At the time, I didn't know if it would be a short term or long term problem.  I only knew that I needed a solution right then.

I developed a complete neighborhood advertising campaign that targets high-end neighborhoods for carpet, rug, and tile cleaning services.


I created this campaign because I needed a way to cut my fuel and labor costs. Paying my technicians to stare at a windshield for 2-4 hours every day was NOT making me any money. Plus, I wanted to get in the best homes in my area.

I thought about Val-pak or the Money Mailer.  But I didn't want to make a special offer to renters or consumers in apartment complexes.  I wanted homeowners who cared about investing in the beauty of their home.  Plus, I wanted only the nicest homes in the best neighborhoods.

And then I came up with the "Neighborhood Advertising Campaign."



  • The work is done for you - 18 total postcards, sales letters, and flyers in Microsoft Word and Publisher (I provide a way for you to get a 60 day trial copy of Word or Publisher if needed). Just change your company name.
  • No thinking involved - Even the offers are written for you. You just pick the offer that suites your company best.
  • The maximum use of your advertising dollar - I design all my advertising to make the most use of the smallest amount of money possible.
I have purchased multiple marketing programs at many different pricing points, and at first, was very skeptical about your marketing program. I thought, just another carpet cleaner trying to break into marketing info racket. When I got your program, I was amazed. I really thought it would be like all the others with "an ad here and a letter there, I got this return on this ad so you should too" but it included one thing that all the other have not: A true marketing education. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of great ads and letters, but your program explained why they work! And boy do they ever work. I tested just one letter by sending it out to 200 people at a cost of $84.00 and have so far earned almost $ 2100. A 25 to 1 Return from just one letter! Even if I include the price of your program, my return was over 4 to 1 and I haven't even scratched the surface of what your program has to offer. I never got that kind of ROI from any of the other programs. Thank You So Much.

Jeremy Higley-Ultimate Carpet Cleaning


  • Advertise for almost FREE - If you've got more time than money or, if your employees have nothing to do, use my flier. You'll be getting jobs coming in no time.
  • Target the homes you want - Don't just rely on yellow pages or mass coupon mailers. This campaign lets you be specific about exactly who you want to target.
"I got to know John a couple of months ago and decided to give his service a shot. He is very thorough and very good. He is reasonably priced and produces great work. In my experiences with John he does what he says and the ads produce and produce big."

Kevin Pearson-Professional Drying Equipment


But wait.  Postage is sooooooooo expensive.  Don't homeowners throw away their junk mail?  Frankly, I had to consider these problems. And I had to figure a way to send cheaper bulk mail that still gives the feel of expensive first class mail. I'll show you how I did it.

Yes, it's expensive.  But that's why it's great.  You're using a media most carpet cleaners don't bother with.  If other cleaners use direct mail, it's typically with a coupon mailer.  Heck, this isn't just carpet cleaners.  Most home service businesses don't use stand alone direct mail at all. Your advertisement has MUCH more likelihood of being noticed. You're hitting your target where they live. 

Stand alone direct mail breaks the clutter.  How often do you get a decent mail piece from a carpet cleaner? I never have unless I sent it to myself. With coupon mailers, your message does get seen.  The question is, will your message sell to the right prospect?  For most cleaning companies, the answer is no.

Yes, consumers throw away their junk mail.  The fact of the matter is OVER HALF will throw away my letter as soon as they open it.  For poorly done direct mail, 95% get tossed before it even gets open.  You can lose even before you mail piece gets opened.

Well what works?  There's a lot that goes into creating a successful direct mail campaign.  But you don’t have to learn it all.  Nope. 

Instead, you can have my entire "Neighborhood Advertising Campaign" for the low price of $297.


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"We have had your ad running for three weeks so far. From November 1 to today, Nov. 19, we have completed 17 jobs totaling $3,205.81. We have three jobs still on the schedule from the ad. The job average is pretty low, $188.57. Our community has a lot of small houses and mobile homes. However, I am very pleased to have raised our daily average by $188.57. In other words, the ad pays for itself once a day. (note: "daily average" does not include weekend days that are open but it does include any week days that are open, that is, $.0 revenue days. We had 2 of those early in the month.)"

Gary Mills


You'll make more profit.  Instead of you or your techs spending hours a day behind the wheel of your van, you'll be cleaning for the best homeowners near your shop.  You'll spend less money on gas, less labor, and less headache.

The Cheap, Yet Massively Effective Way To Advertise

For slow afternoons when your techs have nothing to do or for weeks when you have more time than money, I'm including my best flyers.  These flyers go right along with the neighborhood advertising campaign.  You can use them as a standalone or along with the sales letters.

Personally, I like to send out the sales letters and have my techs distribute a few when they're out cleaning in the neighborhood.  Or, it's great for an extra time filler that plants seeds for future business.

18 total sales letters/flyers/postcards in a "Neighborhood Advertising Campaign" to target high-end clients in the neighborhoods YOU choose.

You also get TWO 20 minute audio instructions to show you little secrets I've learned about direct mail and flyer marketing.

The entire program is downloaded on the internet, so you'll get access right away.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Look over the package.  Test out the mail pieces and flyers.  If you don't at least double your investment after sending out a 500 or more piece mailing, I'll give you a full refund.  This guarantee is good for ONE full year.


The high-end neighborhoods in your area are begging for a cleaning company they can trust. 

Will you help them?

This is an introductory price.  In the near future, more will be added to this package and the price will go up.  The great part for you is, if you buy now you'll get the package for $297 plus you'll get the updates at NO CHARGE.

This package is already cheap enough to sell like hotcakes. I mean, who else offers 18 advertising pieces that are tried and tested for only $297?

But since this is the kick off of this package, I want to make sure all my subscribers get ahold of it. So I'm making the following bonuses only for a limited time.

Free Bonus Gift #1  You get the updates to my "Neighborhood Advertising Campaign" at no charge. Any time a new sales letter, post card, or flyer is posted, you'll be notified via email. You won't pay another dime for the updates.

Free Bonus Gift #2  "How to Get BIG Returns From LITTLE Money"--You get the audio download of my latest presentation at Howard Partridge's Roundtable. In this presentation I reveal how to make small ad budgets go SUPER far with direct mail, internet, and newspaper. This audio normally sells for $49.

Free Bonus Gift #3  You'll get ONE FREE review of any direct mail or flyer piece. Just email it to me and I'll look it over for you. I'll respond back with tips on how you can improve the piece. This is a $200 value.

***That's $296 of Bonuses!***

If you've been looking for a way to target clients near your home or shop, this is the answer.  It worked for me. It'll work for you.

NO SHIPPING CHARGES. The package is in electric form on a special member page I created.  The big reason I chose to do this is because I intend to do several additions to the package that you'll get over the course of the rest of this year.  These updates will be direct mail pieces I've tried and proven in my own company. And since the package is downloaded, you don't pay for shipping.

Quite frankly, the price on this package is peanuts.  A measly $297 for 18 advertising proven advertising pieces and all the bonuses.  It won't stay this price very long.  Act now.

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Best of Success,

John Braun--Ad Hitman

P.S. You know driving all over the city is killing your business.  You can do more jobs in a day and get the best clients in your area.  Get my neighborhood advertising package today and make more profit.

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