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One of the Simplest Advertising Methods I've Found With the Highest Return on Investment

You can gain high-end clients and be seen as a celebrity cleaner.

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"John Braun is quickly becoming "the" ad man in the carpet cleaning industry.."

Howard Partridge

From: John Braun--Ad Hitman

Here's one media you MUST check out.

I built my business on newspaper advertising.  Before newspaper, I tried yellow pages and direct mail.  I always got mediocre results.  But newspaper was another story.

Over the years I've ran over 200 different newspaper ads.  I tested dozens of different headlines.  I learned how to get newspaper readers to respond to my ads.


I developed a ready-to-use newspaper campaign that targets high-end clients for carpet, rug, and tile cleaning services.

  • The work is done for you - 33 already tried, tried, and proven newspaper ads

  • No thinking involved - Even the offers are written for you. You just pick the offer that suites your company best.

  • The maximum use of your advertising dollar - I design all my advertising to make the most use of the smallest amount of money possible.

"We’ve run one of your ads several times and consistently booked 6-10 jobs each time.  The ad cost $255 per running and we are averaging $189 per job.  This is better than expected and we’re looking to run additional ads with a coordinated strategy.  Of course our strategy will be guided by our ‘Hitman Advertising’ manual.  Thanks again for the great advice.”

Scott and Chris Vandergriff- Regal Carpet and Tile Care


  • 60 days email support to ask questions and get me to review your newspaper ad

  • Higher return on investment than yellow pages- Don't just rely on yellow pages or mass coupon mailers. This campaign lets you be specific about exactly who you want to target.

"We're getting a consistent 7: 1 return on investment. It's the best advertising we've done."

Brian Ritchie-- Mr. Steam's Valley Steam


So many carpet cleaners have been amazed that I've had so much success with newspaper. They've tried it and it didn't work. But of course, they weren't doing it right.

I had to get beat up too in the process. But I kept learning and I didn't give up.

Now I want to show you exactly what I did so you don't make the same mistakes. And you can get it all for only $297.

I know this is ridiculously cheap. But I really want to help you and gain you as a "Hitman" client.



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"It's brilliant because in a very positive and upbeat way it exposes the other cleaners without even mentioning them. Quite frankly, I don't  care why it works as long as it keeps on working!”

Gary has gotten a 7: 1 return on his investment

Gary Mills


You'll make more profit.  Instead of your time worrying about which advertising will make you money, you'll have my newspaper system at your fingertips ready to go..

The Easiest Way to Advertise

Once you set up a relationship with a good newspaper, it's super easy.

Sometimes I'm out of town for weeks at a time and my newspaper rep automatically runs my ads for me. It's so simple.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Look over the package.  Test the ads. If you don't at least DOUBLE your investment, I'll give you a full refund..  This guarantee is good for 90 days.

The high-end neighborhoods in your area are begging for a cleaning company they can trust. 

Will you help them?

Free Bonus Gift #1  You get the updates to my "Newspaper Advertising Campaign" at no charge. Any time a new ad is added, you'll get it FREE of charge. The price of this package will eventually increase to at least $247, but you get the updates at no extra charge. This saves you $100.


Free Bonus Gift #2  "Newspaper Advertising Coaching Call." Periodically, I'll be holding small group coaching calls to answer all your questions about newspaper. You're invited to each of these webinars at NO CHARGE. This is at LEAST a $99 value.


Free Bonus Gift #3  You'll get 60 days of email consultation access to me FREE. Ask me any brief question or get me to look at any direct mail piece or flyer you are currently working on. This is a $79 value.

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If you've been looking for a better advertising method than the yellow pages or coupon mailers, this is the answer..

NO SHIPPING CHARGES. The package is in electric form on a special member page I created.  The big reason I chose to do this is because I intend to do several additions to the package that you'll get over the course of the rest of this year.  These updates will be direct mail pieces I've tried and proven in my own company. And since the package is downloaded, you don't pay for shipping.

Quite frankly, the price on this package is peanuts.  A measly $297 for 33 proven advertising pieces.  It won't stay this price long.  Act now.

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Best of Success,

John Braun--Ad Hitman

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“I’ve averaged 5 to 1 return on your newspaper ideas from the secrets of highly profitable advertising book.   Thanks.”

Cory McCook